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  • Classic Porsche 911 in Oxfordshire

    Porsche 911

    Even the most ambitious hedge fund will have struggled to match the appreciating value of a classic Porsche 911 in recent times. Just a few years ago, the 1973 RS could be had for £60,000, now they are changing hands for £250,000 and the rare lightweights are going for more than £1.5 million.

     That has had a knock-on effect throughout the Porsche 911 lineage and now many models are picking up in value, which means that you could have the pleasure of driving a classic Porsche and then sell it on for more than you paid in the first place.

     On the stock list now are two rare gems: a 1991 Targa 4 re-creation in Porsche Sport Classic Grey, with RSR rear arches, listed at £99,995 and a 1991 964 RS lightweight at £139,500. They are both absolute peaches of a car, the epitome of the 911 legend and a car that looks right at home in the Square Mile or at the track. These are cars for the connoisseur.

     While new cars will shed value, these machines could well appreciate, in fact the signs point to that happening. So if you were to buy one of these, even on finance, it could well prove to be a shrewd investment. With bank interest rates for savings rooted firmly to the floor, it could prove a much more fun and shrewd investment than stashing your funds for a rainy day.

     It even makes sense to finance a car like this, as the additional payments might not just be cancelled out by the appreciation, you could even make a profit. So if you want the pleasure of a classic 911 and you want to turn a profit, these two models and a sprinkling of finance for prestige cars could give you the most fun investment you have had in your life.