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  • 993... The holy grail for the Porsche purists out there

    Porsche 933

    Mention the Porsche 993 model to any true Porsche enthusiast and you will see their eyes light up and yet mist over in the same moment. The reason for such mixed feelings is that the 993 was one of the last truly hand-built Porsches, and was the last 911 model to ever use the much-loved air-cooled engine, which gave the Porsche its unmistakable engine note.

    After the 993 finished its production run in 1998, the next model launched, the 996, and used water-cooled engines, falling in line with the majority of the rest of the motoring world.

    Genuinely regarded by many as the best models ever, the 993 range had a different type of sub frame and suspension to that used previously. This finally cured the trait of earlier models of lift of oversteer, an occurrence which gave previous models a non-deserved reputation of being difficult and dangerous to drive.

    The revised suspension was a revelation and yet lost none of the car’s pin sharp handling finesse, which made it such a delight to drive when in the hands of a competent and sporting driver.

    Engine development too, coupled with further chassis tweaks, meant this car continued to offer drivers a thrill so often missing these days, and firmly cemented it in the hearts of lovers of the marque.

    As well as being highly regarded retailers of top marque sporting and luxury vehicles, the team at Maundrell & Co are also car enthusiasts at heart. The Porsche 993 appeals to them as drivers for this very reason, as it does any true Porsche fan.

    This is why they currently hold five used Porsche 993s for sale in stock, as they continually scour the country looking for pristine and low-mileage examples of this ultimate sports car classic.